Fwd: Funny June’s Lost Scavengers – Family Fantasy Football League Trophy

Hey Grandma, how have you been?  I think you’ll be excited to hear that I
started a family fantasy football league this year and there’s 16 of us cousins
playing! I affectionately named the league “Funny June’s Lost Scavengers” in
your honor. (Do you get the joke? 😉 ) Anyway I just wanted to let you know
that you’re the twine that interconnects us all and we really appreciate and
love you!!  Check out the pics of the
trophy, how epic is that?  And as you can
see, you’re name is forever engraved in our league.  I was thinking this might be a good way for
all of us cousins who live in different places to stay connected throughout the
years, and a platform for us all to continue to talk smack! Haha. The trophy
has 14 plaques on it and now that I think about it, if this becomes a yearly tradition
like I hope it does, that will be until I’m 44! That’s long enough for my future
kids to play! That tripped me out lol.


Anyways, I’ve been meaning to call you but it always
seems like something comes up, so now while I’m trying to avoid work on a
Friday I figured I would just email you. 
We got to plan out Christmas, too. I’m hoping to come back either the
week of Christmas or that Christmas-New Years window.




PS: Here’s who’s playing..



J’Amy (my girlfriend)



Brian (Crystal’s husband)


Jeff (Atreyu’s dad)



Michael and Erica (sharing a team)






JustinThis year I've started a family Fantasy Football tournament and affectionately named the league "Funny June's Lost Scavengers" in honor of my grandma and the scavenger hunts she loves to torture us with when she has the chance to round us all up. In our honorary year their our 16 teams. Today the championship trophy I ordered came in and I must say, it's pretty epic. With 14 nameplates to carve a winner's name this should (hopefully) last for 14 seasons, enough for us honoree members to have kids of our own able to play (and probably win) in the league. enough for me to reach the age 4. scary. 

Anways, check out the pics!

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