My Grandma is one of the most unique individuals I know.

*not my grandma

*not my grandma

I have been very fortunate to share such a close relationship with my Grandma June.  My grandma was the 2nd oldest of 4 children – 3 brothers.  As silly or as athletic or as clever as she is at time, looking back I’ve never known anyone to blend the 3 traits so craftily.  She loves to play tennis and she loves to play cards, but most importantly she loves to laugh and lives to love – and I owe most of these traits to her.

My grandma also loves fast cars and strong men – I know this because she’s told me several times – ha!  It’s not something you would expect a Grandma to share with her grandchildren, but I’m not sure she told everyone (although I’m sure it was easy to figure out).  When I turned 21, it wasn’t my dad who bought me my first drink in the family (he probably did that for me at age 15!)  No, when I was able to order alcohol legally it was my grandma who was the first in my family to take me out for a drink, and the whole night our conversation was broken between guys offering to buy “my mom” a drink.  I feel that is a good clue on how special our relationship is – she feels like she could trust me with all her secrets and I feel honored.  Although we are a competitive family, mostly thanks to my Grandma, we both love to show one another off to our friends.

Through it all she is always a lady and enjoys being a lady in every form, even after battling breast cancer to become one of the earliest breast cancer survivors.  When she was about 60 years old, her other two life-long loves – tennis and cards – became too hard for her to play when her arm was broken, a wound that has never healed correctly and makes it hard for her to do everyday tasks (I think that’s why she types in ALL CAPS).  I believe this is also why she had to retire early from being an Emergency Room Receptionist and Secretary.  In addition to my own mom, my paternal grandmother has always been one of the strongest women I know, one of the silliest and most importantly, one of the most loving and caring.   She speaks regularly at AA meetings and if working in the Emergency Room was not enough proof, I only wish I could show you how much she is there for her family emotionally, and accepts us all individually for who we truly are … even in all our silliness.

As I continue to read, learn and laugh from the very random emails she forwards to me, I’m reminded that someplace I must preserve all of this knowledge, laughter and quirkiness for future generations.  I hope for that place to be here.  Along the way, I hope to also spread her love and laughter and secretly share her messages with you.  I know it’s what she would have wanted, but unfortunately I can never tell her at the risk of jeopardizing the very true and unique email content I receive from her.

I can guarantee all of the emails posted on this website were, in fact, sent by my Grandma.  Although she may not have been the initial author of every message, she very well could have been.  Regardless she agreed with the message enough to share it with me, her 2nd oldest grandchild at 28, and that’s enough for me.

Someday, I may consider opening up this site to other emails from other grandma’s, but for now I present you with EmailsFromGrandma, a lady we affectionately call “Funny June”, or just “Grandma” for short.

my real Grandma June

my real Grandma June

I love you Grandma and thank you always for these memories.  Although I may never have the chance to show you this (currently no one else in my family knows I am doing this), I’m fortunate to be able to say that you know how special you are to me already.  I will always cherish your love, laughter, wisdom, our time together and obviously, your emails.



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